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yanagi_san [userpic]

Public Service Announcement~

March 6th, 2010 (03:04 am)
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Yanagi-San is feeling: annoyed

So, just an FYI for people who use Hotmail...a few months ago their servers were hacked into and 10,000 people's usernames and passwords were stolen. After sitting on them [or possibly selling them], the gleaned accounts are being logged into and being used to send spam emails, slowly at first, increasing to a ton of them as of Feb 2010. Microsoft is saying its due to a malware, but is not saying what "malware" that is, nor does any malware scanner detect it. MS, you can make up a better response than that! >=|

If you use hotmail, please change your password asap, even if you haven't had spam email sent from your account.


This happened to me and I never would have known if someone hadn't messaged me about it and made me dig deeper into it.

So yeah...if you got an email about handbags from me, ignore it please. ^^;

yanagi_san [userpic]

My Morning. Every Morning...

January 13th, 2010 (09:34 am)

Yanagi-San is feeling: facepalming
Listening to: 裏表ラバーズ [Two faced Lovers]- Hatsune Miku

As I was getting my fiancee up this morning, I told him there was a note on the washer saying that we can't use it. His response?

"The New Orleans one?" He replied, sounding wide awake.

I repeated my statement.

"Yeah, and?" Was his response.

"In what way was the phrase 'New Orleans' an appropriate response to that?" I said, exasperated.

"Hmm. It's not, is it?" And then he promptly fell back asleep.

After he actually got up and was getting ready, I asked him what New Orleans meant. Apparently it has something to do with flooding, but he wasn't too sure either. /facepalm

yanagi_san [userpic]


January 7th, 2010 (03:20 am)

Yanagi-San is feeling: tired
Listening to: "Dragonheart"- Megurine Luka

I had a hard time deciding red with white text or white with red text. White with red text seemed to be a nice contrast so I went with it. ^^

Ugh, I'm so tired- my back hurts and I feel terrible. I hate being sick. XP

yanagi_san [userpic]


January 6th, 2010 (09:53 am)

Yanagi-San is feeling: sick
Listening to: "Up and Down"- Megurine Luka

*stares blankly at Livejournal*

Ok, I know I usually change all my themes at once, but I'm sick and I'll do this one later.

*falls over*

yanagi_san [userpic]

It's the 24th!

December 24th, 2009 (01:30 am)

Yanagi-San is feeling: determined

I hope you all have a very safe and happy holiday season! ^^

yanagi_san [userpic]

The Sims World Adventures and EA Shenannigans...

December 17th, 2009 (03:43 pm)
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Yanagi-San is feeling: annoyed

Really? You made a game that requires it to be uninstalled prior to every patch fix? SERIOUSLY?
I realize you are only the publisher, but you actually pay the developers that fuck up your game. Why do you do this? Why does any publishing company do this?

Do you not see the hordes of angry casual gamers wielding pitchforks? Some of these people are soccer moms- what would possess you to piss off soccer moms? They drive SUVs- poorly!- they'll KILL you! D=

But yeah...having to re-install before every patch is BS. I know this can be done differently. [I do appreciate you fixing the food spoiling bug though- that REALLY annoyed me off.]

yanagi_san [userpic]

Have You Seen My Childhood?

October 29th, 2009 (05:21 am)
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Yanagi-San is feeling: creative

Lego Virtual Designer

That program is SO full of win. Copious amounts of it. It should be illegal. Plus, you can BUY what you make if you were so inclined! o.o

yanagi_san [userpic]

Avalon Code OP- Deep Forest [UPDATED]

September 26th, 2009 (09:59 pm)

Yanagi-San is feeling: accomplished
Listening to: Deep Forest- Perfect Fit/Izumi

I finally did it... I found an mp3 of this song I was DESPERATELY searching for! And I'm gonna share it because I'm nice an' stuffu.

Deep Forest- Perfect Fit/Izumi
[Hosted on my own private server]

It's such a beautiful song~ ^^

EDIT: Zipped the file and added it to my own server. Got taken off the free host due to high traffic. Be gentle to mah server please! <3

yanagi_san [userpic]

Avalon Code OP Theme

September 12th, 2009 (05:57 pm)

Does anyone know where I can find the Avalon Code OST? Or just an mp3 of this song? [Deep Forest by Izumi]

yanagi_san [userpic]

Firefox ver 3.5.2 Error on restart!

August 20th, 2009 (05:04 am)
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Yanagi-San is feeling: accomplished
Listening to: Morning News

If you have a problem installing the newest version of Firefox [3.5.2] and get the "JS_SetCheckObjectAccessCallback could not be located in the dynamic link library js3250.dll" error, all you simply have to do to fix it is to locate your C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox directory, then delete the 'js3250.dll' file.
Now rename the 'js3250.dll.moz-backup' file to simply 'js3250.dll', re-start the browser, re-install the update, and you'll be right as rain. *thumbs up* ^_^b

Seriously, I nearly exploded when it errored out. The only info on the net was to "Reinstall FF all over from scratch". The thought of losing my favorites list KILLS me. D= [I know, I should back it up. I have now. =3] So I took a gamble on deleting the erroring file and restoring the back up.

Gambled and won! Woot!

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